Act Like A Child

My obsession with acting emerged from an adolescent infatuation with play. As a child, my imagination knew no bounds. The world was a mysterious blue blob with infinite potential. A cloud in the sky, a doll in a house, an ant crawling through a labyrinth of jaded grass, any given object could be anything, seen through the right eyes. This curious imagination consumed me and fueled my every act. From injecting dolls with complex character dynamics, to discovering just how lively a potted plant could be, I never hesitated to plunge head first into the boundless world of play. It was this childish imagination, this playful curiosity, that molded me into the actor I am today, an actor that suspends the confines of logical constraint to explore who a character is, might be, and could be. On the stage, I work tirelessly to approach classic and contemporary methods from this perspective in order to create an experience that is impactful, captivating, and entirely unique for the audience. This integration is what defines me as an actor: a playful child who grew up to be a playful actor. I am Mary foster; I’m spontaneous, imaginative, playful, and, most of all, childish.